Bruce Wieser 


Fellow WPCA Members:

I hope everyone is having a busy year so far. I know in my neck of the woods we have been experiencing record amounts of rain. The rain has slowed us down considerably but that only means that the coming months are going to be extremely busy.
We get another year. OSHA has extended the crane operator certification deadline 1 year to November 10, 2018. All this means is we get another year to get certified. The same requirements for certification still hold. The year extension allows the Precast Concrete Delivery truck certification to be more widely available. 
It’s not too late to register for the SUMMER CONFERENCE in Racine July 21-22. I know that weekends in the summer can be very busy but this conference is sounding like a must attend event. We will be touring Grove Concrete on Friday afternoon. Saturday sounds like it is going to be a very informative event. We will be having the NPCA Safety committee give a presentation on what they can do for us. This looks to be very helpful because of all the OSHA rules that are coming out. Not only the crane certification rule but there is also a rule on Silica dust that is coming in the near future.  And of course the main highlight is the networking with fellow precasters and associate members at the reception Friday evening and golf Saturday afternoon.

Hope to see everybody in Racine!


George Klaetsch

Legislative Joint Finance Committee Continues Budget Debate

After several weeks of smooth sailing, JFC's action abruptly halted discussions in early June, as the Senate and Assembly remain at odds on education, taxes and transportation. Over the past few weeks, JFC has cancelled a majority of their meetings, leaving little time for the legislature to pass a budget before the traditional June 30 deadline.

Regardless of what remains, there were provisions affecting the septic industry that have been debated and successfully passed by the Joint Finance Committee.  The following are items of interest to the WLWCA membership.

WI POWTS Fund Grant Program – As reported in the last Legislative Update, Governor Walker proposed funding $1.68 million for the POWTS Fund Grant Program (which results in $840,000 for each year of the biennium).  This is the same amount that was passed into law for the 2015-17 biennium.

The Governor’s proposal for the $1.68 million shifted it from an on-going appropriation to a one-time appropriation.  This would mean that the POWTS Fund Grant Program would no longer be funded following the 2017-19 biennium. 

On a 12-4 vote, the JFC partially rejected the Governor’s proposal by continuing to invest in the WI POWTS Fund Grant Program by funding the program an additional two years (2019-2021) at a level of $1.68 million over the biennium.  This would allow the grant program to exist through the completion of both the statewide POWTS inventory and maintenance county requirements.

DSPS Occupational Licenses – The JFC also partially rejected the Governor’s proposal to create a DSPS Occupational Licensing Review Council that would review all POWTS-related licenses by December 31, 2018.

On a 14-2 vote, the JFC included language to “study” occupational licenses and submit a report of the Department’s findings to the Legislature and Governor. This report would require the DSPS report to include recommendations for the elimination of occupational licenses based on the following criteria:

  1. If unregulated does the practice of the profession harm or endanger public health and safety
  2. Does the public benefit from the occupational licensing requirement
  3. Can the public be effectively protected by means other than requiring a license
  4. Are other states requiring licenses for the same profession
  5. Estimate the number of individuals/entities that are affected by the occupational licensing requirement
  6. The financial burden on those that are required to obtain the license
  7. Statements or analysis by agency or board administering the occupational license
  8. Evaluating the barriers individuals have in obtaining the license 



There are only a few days left to register for the 2017 Summer Conference in Racine, Wisconsin! Thanks to our host facility, Grove Concrete and Supply at Paul Miller for holding a plant tour for members. 
Big thank you to our sponsors who have made this event possible. We look forward to seeing everyone next weekend!